The unofficial granola of people who are better at rock climbing than you.

By Tim Nelson
Updated June 07, 2018
Credit: Photo courtesy of Clif Bar

Are you the kind of person who normally eats breakfast in a tent or in a converted van? If so, Clif Bar, makers of snacks that one could ostensibly eat while hanging off the side of a mountain, finally has something that’s fit for your cereal bowl.

That’s because they’ve just launched Clif Energy Granola, their first foray into the cereal category. Sold in 10 ounce pouches, their new take on a breakfast staple will feature organic oats, almonds, seeds and dried fruit. So far, flavor options include blueberry crisp, cinnamon almond, cocoa almond and white chocolate macadamia nut, giving a nod to past bar favorites. Each will pack eight grams of protein, 25 to 27 grams of whole grains, and zero gluten.

The granola seems to have its roots in the company’s outdoor adventure origin story, as founder Gary Erickson used to make his own granola while guiding hiking trips through California’s High Sierra mountain range. 26 years after Clif Bar’s establishment, it’s now available to the rest of us amateur adventurers.

Fittingly, it sounds like this Energy Granola is designed to handle the rigors of breakfast. Clif Bar says it “contains larger clusters for a delightful crunch that won’t disappoint and crumble,” said a Clif Bar statement quoted by Food Business News. The company added that the granola is “designed to hold up—and float—in milk.” Presumably, that structurally integrity should apply to yogurt as well, but who knows.

So if you were worried that the granola you normally eat doesn’t properly prepare you to sprint up the side of a mountain or something, fret not: the cereal aisle is now equipped to handle your needs.