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A (mostly) hands-free method

Rebecca Firkser
February 07, 2018

You just made a smoothie at home. You’re feeling good, because a DIY smoothie doesn’t cost $10 like it does at the juice shop, but then you see it—the dirty blender. It’s slicked with the remnants of your kale-banana-coconut water concoction and it’s not going to wash itself. Or so you thought. There does exist a (mostly) hands-free way to clean a blender with its own power. All it requires is a quick rinse, then putting soap and water into the pitcher. No one wants to wash their dishes after making a mess in the kitchen, but you really should clean a blender right after using it. And trust me, giving the blender a quick and purposeful scrub now is about one hundred million times better than having to use your nails to scrape the remnants of a dried protein smoothie from it seven hours later.

Pull the blender off its base and rinse the whole pitcher well with hot water. Raise your hand if that’s normally all you do to “wash” it. It’s OK, you can tell me. I’ve done it too. But then I started washing my blender with electricity. 

Rinse the blender pitcher and lid well with hot water. After it’s rinsed clean, fill it about ¼ of the way with hot water and place the pitcher back on the base. Squirt a bit of dish soap into the blender and firmly attach the lid. Turn the blender on low, then high. The soap will foam, washing the interior and underside of the lid.

Rinse the blender with hot water and dry. Ta da!  

It’s important to note that this method doesn’t ensure the the outside of the blender pitcher will be scrubbed. This is mostly OK, because you’re giving it a really good rinse with hot water. However, if you were blending, say, egg yolks or raw chicken, you’re going to have to suck it up and wash your blender—the whole dang thing—the old fashioned way. Sorry not sorry.

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