It's a sparkle dazzle rainbow
EC: Cinnamon Snail’s Inception Doughnut Just Blew Your Mind
Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The Sparkle Dazzle Rainbow from New York City’s Cinnamon Snail is the inception doughnut the world has been waiting for. This three-tiered (vegan!) masterpiece features a maple raspberry-stuffed doughnut topped with three small doughnuts, each one of which is topped with three even smaller doughnuts. The process to make them is involved, requiring a “gaggle of wild unicorns,” a “teddy-bear-man,” and a lot of miniature doughnuts individually fashioned out of sugar cookie dough, according to the bakery’s Instagram. Plus, each inception doughnut needs to be “blessed by a happy puppy wearing a little hat, before it comes down to the earth realm, suspended from a small umbrella,” so these doughnut-on-doughnut-on-doughnuts are in short supply.

This isn’t the first time the doughnut has been incepted. In February, chef Thiago Silva baked a doughnut that housed a whole cinnamon roll, smothered in a cream cheese glaze. But the Sparkle Dazzle Rainbow might be the finest execution of doughnut inception yet, closer in spirit to Vinnie's pizza-topped-pizza slice than a pastry-in-pastry, and way more colorful.

Cinnamon Snail’s 13-in-one doughnut will cost you a cool $7, and they’re expected to sell out quickly. You’ll only be able to find it for the next two days—Thursday, May 26, and Friday, May 27—at the Cinnamon Snail’s stall at the recently-opened food hall The Pennsy, located right near Penn Station, at 33rd Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan, and the folks at Cinnamon Snail recommend that you get there early “if your heart is set on going straight to fractal rainbow land.”

All you need now is a tiny cup of coffee in which to dip those tiny doughnuts.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder