This is an actual convention for adults that celebrates Charles Entertainment Cheese and his friends
Credit: Photo by Mark Sullivan via Getty Images

Adulthood, right? Yuck. Gone are the days where you could get away with stuff like puking, crying, and peeing your pants without being labeled a raging alcoholic. No more are you about to stuff your face with pizza and schmooze with giant stuffed rats while your parents slip into a mild to moderate coma on the sidelines. Until now!

Texas-native Matt Rivera was always a Chuck E. Cheese fanatic, going as far as to devote his adult life freelancing for the wildly popular chain of game centers/restaurants. Knowing there were adults out there with a passion for arcade games and animatronics to match his, Rivera founded Chuck E. Con, where adults can be kids and kids can be safely at home with the babysitter.

“Most of what we had at Chuck E. Con was from my personal collection,” said Rivera on a recent episode of the podcast The Fandom Files. “A lot of what you saw came from my personal collection […] Chuck E. Cheese’s that actually closed, relocated, or even remodeled."

Rivera is one of many Chuck E. Cheese fans across the country who’ve recently connected via social media to reflect upon their love for Chuck E. Cheese at Chuck E. Con and enjoy two days of fun, games, and live stage shows. Last year’s Chuck E. Con—conveniently located near Dallas' DFW Airport—saw a turnout of around 65 people (though 80 registered) from all across the country.

It just goes to show you that nothing from the '90s ever goes away… it just shrinks into the collective subconscious until a superfan finds a way to revive it for fellow superfans.