"Instead of flavor you get nutrition"

By Margaret Eby
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: Chris Pratt Is Appropriately Skeptical About Egg and Cucumber Snacks
Credit: Photo by Bauer-Griffin Contributor via Getty Images

Chris Pratt is a movie star on a diet, and, like many movie stars on diets, that means that he doesn't get to eat all the food he would like to so he can appear maximally ripped on-screen. But Pratt also has a sense of humor about his very serious low-carb/high-protein diet, and so he started an Instagram series called "#WHATSMYSNACK" while filming Jurassic World 2 so that his fans could share in the, um, culinary delights that he's privy to as part of his regimen. Previous entries have included a not-particularly-appetizing-looking plastic tray of "assorted sashimi," and a cacao baobob banana chia shake which Pratt dubbed a "cacaobabanachanina!"

"Today I got cucumber and egg wrap," Pratt write. "It's basically exactly like a sandwich but instead of bread you use thinly sliced cucumbers and instead of meat you use sprouts and chopped up eggs and instead of flavor you get nutrition." Yeah, scrambled eggs wrapped in cucumber sounds...sad. Maybe some hot sauce would help him out?

But the super low calorie diet gets results for Pratt, even if those snacks sound pretty unappealing. "Like I always said, eating is no longer the fun part, flexing my butt cheeks in the mirror is," Pratt captioned his Instagram video. "Cause no dimples. No rolls. Just cut ass butt cheeks. LIVE WITH IT!!!!" I guess we'll have to.