The 'Sweet Habanero Chick-Me-Out' Burger is available in May at select locations—but you have to know to ask for it

Margaret Eby
May 04, 2018

Good news for hot sauce heads: Cholula is rolling out a new flavor, and they're doing it through a partnership with Umami Burger. Sweet Habenero hot sauce, a fruitier, spicier flavor than the original Cholula, started out last year as an item you could only get if you were part of The Order of Cholula, which is sort of like the illuminati but for hot sauce. Now they're introducing the sauce more widely through a secret menu item that Umami Burger will feature throughout the month of May starting tomorrow, May 5. 

The "Sweet Habanerio Chick-Me-Out Burger" is Umami's first girlled chicken sandwich, and its made for those who like things spicy but not, like, the roof-is-going-to-blow-off spicy. The chicken is marinated in adobo spices and topped with avocado, pickled onions, and a pineapple slaw with Sweet Habanero in it. When I tried the burger as part of a media preview, I was worried that the spice of the habenero would end up being overwhelming after a couple bites. (Heat builds, often, and even if one bite is tolerable, three bites in things can go suddenly awry.) But I found it pleasantly balanced with the acidity and sweetness in the slaw and the rich avocado.

Umami's Chief Culinary Officer Martin Heierling explained that they wanted it to be th kind of thing that you can always add more hot sauce to if you want it. Bottles of the new Cholula flavor will be available at the locations with the burger, so if you really want that burn, you can add a little or a lot more. 

In New York City, the burger will be available at Umami's Brookfield Place location. In Los Angeles, you can sang one at the Umami Burger at the Grove, and in Chicago, at the Umami at the Loop. It won't appear on the menu, but if you ask, you'll unlock a world of spicy chicken goodness. Happy hunting, hot sauce fiends. 

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