Fell the Chocolate Ghost Pepper burn
EC: This Hot Sauce Has Chocolate In It
Credit: Photo via Homesweet Homegrown

I’m a huge fan of hot sauce and chocolate individually, and have always loved a good pairing of the two in the form of chili chocolate or spicy hot chocolate. But this Chocolate Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce takes the duo to a whole new level. The hot sauce is certified naturally grown by Homesweet Homegrown in Kutztown, PA. On their farm in Pennsylvania, Robyn and Paul Jasko grow over 50 varieties of chili peppers, including the ghost pepper and carolina reaper, among some of the world’shottest ranking. According to their website, their chili peppers are “some of the hottest and most flavorful peppers in the world.”

Homesweet Homegrown has three hot sauce flavors featuring their homegrown peppers. Their signature flavors range from the more mild Aramingo with organic lemon drop habanero peppers to the chocolate Punch Drunk Sauce.

The chocolate hot sauce in particular is made using raw cacao, ghost peppers, local Victory Brewing Company Craft Beer, and thickened using chia seeds. And it sounds like the perfect combo of sweet and spicy!

Check out the hot sauce for yourself and see if you can handle the surprising twist to the classic condiment. It might prove to be a delightful new way to spice up a meal.