New treat alert: Chocti

By Ryan Grim
Updated October 24, 2018
Credit: Photo courtesy of Fourth & Heart

I’ll admit it, I’m a treat boy. I like treats more than meals. On my way home from work, I’ll stop at the bakery for a rainbow cookie, or maybe I’ll slice up an apple and eat it with cheddar cheese before dinner. There are often trays of treats leftover from meetings around our office, and sometimes I’ll pick at a fruit salad that a client didn’t touch and quickly exit the premises. When I walk past a craft services tent on a movie shoot I’ll consider raiding it, but even the most rabid treat boy knows that’s a faux pas.

When I moved to New York 15 years ago, I was turned on to what seemed to be the ultimate treat spread: Nutella. We didn’t have it in Ohio, or at least not in my house, and no one I knew ate it or talked about it like people did in New York in 2003, like it was a cool thing to eat. But here’s the thing about being a treat boy: You require more and more treats to get your fix.

I like to roam around New York looking for new treats. New York is Treat City, USA, a true melting pot of treats from all over the world. I don't even need to leave my office to scout for treats: Working in food presents me treat-portunties beyond my wildest dreams. Just the other day, Extra Crispy’s culinary editor Rebecca Firkser passed me a treat she received from a PR company that I’d never heard of before—chocolate ghee—and, folks, I’ve found a new elite treat.

No, it’s not just clarified butter and chocolate. Branded as Chocti and made by the company 4th & Heart, it’s a delicious, lactose-free spread made with date syrup, chocolate, vanilla bean ghee, coffee oil, and guaraná seed powder. It's basically fancy Nutella and costs $15 for a 12-ounce jar. If you’re a treat person who put Nutella on everything when you lived in the dorms, but now you’re in your mid-30s and want to branch out with your chocolate spreads, I suggest Chocti. I ate it on a banana and loved it. I ate it straight from the jar with a butter knife (I needed to try it plain for this story!) and loved it even more. They also make a passionfruit-flavored variety, which you know is on my treat radar.

While Chocti has the consistency of frosting, it’s not nearly as sweet. You taste the date syrup mostly at the end. The guaraná seed powder and coffee oil make it a caffeinated treat, and after all my diligent sampling, I was feeling a slight buzz. Like regular ghee, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, but unlike it’s chocolate-free cousin, Chocti isn’t really a cooking ingredient and more of a fully formed spread that would be perfect on strawberries or crepes or croissants. Try it on any treat you can get your treat-loving hands on.