Just try to eat one piece at a time

By Rebecca Firkser
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: Chocolate-Covered Bacon Is the Breakfast-Dessert Mash-Up of Your Dreams
Credit: Photo by dirkr via Getty Images

One of my most beloved don’t-knock-it-til-you’ve-tried-it foods is chocolate-covered bacon. Like its fraternal twin candied bacon, or its half-sister the chocolate-covered potato chip, chocolate-covered bacon is sweet and salty, melt in your mouth-crispy, and physically impossible to eat just one piece at a time. Chocolate-covered bacon pairs well with simple, sweet breakfast foods like pancakes, biscuits, and quick breads. Eggs? Not so much. As to cooking the bacon, I’ve found the most successful way to crisp the meat so it can be covered in chocolate in one fell swoop is to bake it. Frying the bacon will work, but it will require either a very large pan or patience for cooking big quantities of foods in batches.

Weave 15 strips of bacon through small, soaked wooden skewers and lay them on an aluminum foil-lined sheet tray. Bake in a 400ºF oven for 15-20 minutes, or until the bacon has achieved your desired level of crispiness. When the bacon is ready, scoop it off the sheet pan and onto a paper towel-lined plate. Pull the foil off the sheet pan and line the pan with a piece of waxed paper.

While the bacon is baking, bring a small saucepan filled with a few inches of water to a boil. Pour 12 ounces of semisweet chocolate chips or chopped chocolate into a medium-sized heatproof bowl. Set the bowl of chocolate to melt over the saucepan of boiling water, stirring occasionally. When chocolate is almost completely melted, toss in 1 tablespoon coconut oil and stir in well—this helps the chocolate stay smooth while heated and firm up when chilled. Alternatively, you can melt the chocolate on low in the microwave at 15 second intervals, stirring after each. When the chocolate seems mostly melted, add the coconut oil and zap once more.

Working with one piece at a time, hold each skewered strip of bacon over the bowl of chocolate and spoon the melted chocolate over the bacon, rotating the skewer to ensure the whole piece of bacon gets covered. Tap the skewer gently on the rim of the bowl to shake off excess chocolate, then place the bacon on the waxed paper. If you’d like, drizzle the top of the chocolate-covered bacon with melted white chocolate, splatter paint-style. Repeat the with the remaining strips of bacon, then toss the sheet tray in the fridge. Let the chocolate firm up in the fridge for about 15 minutes before devouring.

Chocolate-covered bacon is wonderful when sprinkled over pancakes or waffles, and it’s also damn fine on a piece of brioche toast or a warm biscuit. I can’t say I feel it goes great with eggs—runny yolk and chocolate just doesn’t do it for me—but I invite you to try it anyway.