By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 01, 2018
Credit: Photo by Alex Ortega via Getty Images

Let’s just get what happened out of the way: The owner of a vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok tried to cover up a murder by serving his victim’s flesh to diners, according to the Singaporean site AsiaOne. Though this plan is obviously fraught with problems both material and moral, the chef should have probably seen the biggest issue coming from a mile away: Authorities apparently learned of the incident after patrons at the restaurant complained that the vegetarian eatery had served minced meat in their noodles.

While inspecting the restaurant, authorities reportedly found the kitchen walls splattered with blood and pieces of disregarded human flesh lying about the floor. Eventually, the remaining parts of the body were said to be found stashed in a septic tank.

So what happened? According to The Nation, the victim was 61-year-old Prasit Inpathom, a regular at the restaurant who liked to drop in to have drinks with a relative of the owner. He was last seen doing exactly that on October 21, but apparently something went very wrong. An autopsy of the body revealed that Prasit suffered blunt force trauma to the head and seven knife wounds. As of this week, the unnamed suspect—believed to be the restaurant’s owner—had yet to be located.

Meanwhile, in reporting the story, the UK’s Mirror reported, “It was unclear whether any customers ate human flesh.” OK, sure, but once you’ve discovered that your bowl of noodles contained human flesh from a man the owner of the restaurant had allegedly murdered, you’re probably not splitting hairs on the question “Did I eat human flesh or not?” More likely, you’re asking bigger questions like “What is wrong with the world?” and “Can I ever feel comfortable eating out again?” Consider it just one more reason to stick to a good home-cooked meal.