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Deck the halls with cheese board accoutrements

Natalie B. Compton
November 19, 2018

If you have a cheese-obsessed friend in your life (and doesn't everyone?), holiday shopping is easy as moving a knife through camembert. Cheese lovers are easy to please. They’re bon vivants. They appreciate the finer things in life. And you’re about to make them even happier with the following gifts that will take their cheese-eating to new heights.

Reclaimed Teak Cutting Board, $58
It’s unlikely that your cheese-loving friend is ill-equipped in the cheese board department, but this reclaimed teak board is a practical piece that would be a welcomed addition to any household. It’s rugged enough to serve as a cutting board, and attractive enough to work as a serving plate.

Olympia Provisions Pickle of the Month, $195  
Every good cook knows that a proper cheese board is balanced with varied textures and flavors. You can’t just have a platter of straight cheese. A king accoutrement is the pickle, and with Olympia Provisions’ Pickle of the Month subscription, your cheese-obsessed friend will have plenty all year long.

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Mallmann's Gaucho Knife, $198
This is the most epic knife you can throw down on a cheese board. No, it’s not designed for cheese, per se. It’s made for literally everything that gets into an Argentine cowboy’s way, so it can surely handle your cheese-obsessed friend’s cocktail party needs.

Jayson Home Brass Cheese Utensils, $38
Another cutlery option, these Jayson Home Brass Cheese Utensils are edgy and practical. Each variety is designed to tackle a particular cheese. Your friend who loves brie? Get the spoke-tipped cheese knife. The one who won’t stop talking about that rank blue? Swoop on the mini Cheese Cleaver.

Maille Mustard with Whiskey and Smoked Pepper, $61
Don’t think of this as giving your friend mustard. This gift is so much more than that. You’re giving your friend $61 of French mustard with whiskey and smoked pepper, freshly pumped into a lovely stoneware jar that has a je ne sais quois about it. If you sign up for Maille's newsletter, you get a 15% discount on your next purchase. So do that, too.

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Bee Local 6 Vial Honey Set, $38
We’ve tackled the savory sides of a cheese board, now this gift gets to the sweet. Bee Local’s raw farmland honey is even better when it’s in a pack of six, and fortunately for your friend, this gift set offers just that. The new collection features single origin honey varieties like alfalfa honey, carrot honey, blackberry honey, buckwheat honey, and wildflower honey.

Williams Sonoma Deluxe European Cheese Crate, $119.95
Edible and elegant, this Williams Sonoma gift is a crowd pleaser, even if you’re only giving it to one person. The dairy delights of Switzerland, France, England, Italy, and Spain come boxed up in a wooden crate (delivered chilled). Remind your friend there’s plenty to share.


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