Love isn’t dead

By Tim Nelson
Updated August 28, 2018
Credit: ifollowthe3way/Getty Images

I’ve spent my entire life living in the Northeast, so I’ve never had the chance to properly experience the oddities and wonders of a Midwestern state fair. From the outside, these things look like giant carnivals dedicated to dishing out the most decadent and depraved food items, with an emphasis on exploring the outer limits of what can be submerged in a deep fryer and come out intact.

Normally that kind of environment would only inspire feelings of hunger or revulsion, but a young couple felt something different as they waited in line for fried cheese curds at the Minnesota State Fair this week: love. According to Minneapolis NBC affiliate KARE, Iowan Brendan Otto proposed to his now-fiance Ilsa Burke by descending to one knee and popped the question while surrounded by friends, loved ones, and fried food aficionados at the Mouth Trap, a haven for cheese curds at the state fair.

"I was just super nervous. I kind of just forced myself to do it as quickly as possible," said Otto. Luckily, he got through it (cheesy song and all), and got the yes he was looking for. It sounds like visiting the Minnesota State Fair has been a longstanding tradition in the Burke family, and now they have a lovely memory attached to future visits.

So if you’re still looking for love out there, just head to a state fair and wait around the cheese curds. Even if you don’t find someone who shares your deep and abiding love for fried foods, you might just see something that restores your faith in romance.