Study shows certain products tend to be cheaper at different points in the week
Credit: Spaces Images/Getty Images

For us humans who rely on food for survival and don’t feel like going bankrupt ordering Seamless for every single meal, buying groceries is a fact of life. While there’s plenty of advice floating around about what kind of purchases one should make to maximize value, a new study suggests that heading to the supermarket on certain days of the week might offer some unexpected savings.

If you’re one of those perfectly normal people who take advantage of free time on Saturday and Sunday to run errands and buy your groceries for the week, data from shopping Ibotta shared with Today suggests that you may be costing yourself in the long run. No matter where you are in the country, Ibotta’s data shows that weekends are the most expensive times to shop.

Their research also indicates that there are certain correlations between days of the week and the chance to save on specific items. For example, winos will want to stock up on Tuesdays, as you’ll save about four percent when buying a bottle. Fans of gluten in all its forms will love shopping on Wednesdays, when beer and bread are usually one and two percent cheaper, respectively. Thursday brings about one percent savings on both sweet and savory snacks, while Friday means ending the work week with 1 percent off produce and ice cream.

Sure, none of those discounts are good enough for you to throw this week’s shopping schedule in complete disarray. But if you find yourself routinely purchasing one or more of those product categories, that could add up to some not-so-insignificant savings over time.

In an age of app-based deals, meal delivery kits, and Amazon’s partnership with Whole Foods, is scouring supermarket aisles for IRL deals even a relevant way to shop anymore? It’s hard to say. But if you’re the kind of person who wants to keep data about your intense love affair with wine and oreos out of the hands of Jeff Bezos, clear some time on your calendar next Tuesday and Thursday so you can treat yourself for less.