Moët and Chandon knows what the people want

By Elizabeth King
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: Champagne Six-Packs Will Make Your Summer 1000 Percent Better
Credit: Photo by Miryana Slivenska / EyeEm via getty images

Hot summer days and evenings call for boozy drinks that a bit celebratory, but still casual, because hey, it’s summer and we’re all dripping in sweat. The perfect beyond perfect option for summer drinking has arrived just in time: a champagne six-pack from Moët and Chandon. That’s right, a six-pack of champagne (the nice kind, too) that you can pack up and bring to the beach, the park, or your favorite BYOB patio restaurant to share with friends who also appreciate the finer, more French things in life regardless of the occasion.

Moët and Chandon have really been pulling out all the stops to make champagne a more accessible-seeming, casual drink lately. Earlier this year they debuted champagne vending machines, which have popped up in hotels and bars Las Vegas, New Orleans, and beyond. The vending machines make champagne about as a easy to pick up, albeit at a higher price, as a Coke. Now the champagne six-pack makes bubbly easy to transport and share without glasses, and a clearly more fun than a pack of Miller Lite.

Cosmopolitan reports that Moët and Chandon’s six-packs are comprised of 187-milliliter bottles of Imperial Brut, perfect for sipping throughout brunch or an afternoon picnic.

For those who want to enjoy champagne on the go but are nervous about dropping glass bottles and ruining everyone’s good time (it happens), there’s always the miniature cans of Francis Ford Coppola’s champagne, Sofi. The small cans of champagne come with a pink straw for fancy sipping, and are most definitely drop-proof. If bubbles aren’t your thing at all but you want to enjoy mini wines, there’s a plethora of tasty canned wines out there as well.

Whatever your summer drink preference, it’s pretty likely you can find it in miniature packs meant for sharing. It’s high time that six-packs are for more than just beer!