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He's demanding compensation for the difference in cost

Sammy Nickalls
February 07, 2018

When Daniel Macduff booked a February flight with budget Canadian airline Sunwing to Cuba, he had one detail in mind, and he didn't care how stupid he looked while getting it: the "complimentary on-board Champagne toast" that was advertised on the airline's site. But when he received sparkling white wine in a plastic cup, Macduff knew he needed to stand up, take charge, and change the world by suing the hell out of them.

The National Post reports that Macduff, from Quebec, Canada, noticed that the wine was not from France's Champagne region, but rather one of the "cheaper competitors that connoisseurs generally consider inferior." So he decided to file a class-action lawsuit against the airline for misleading advertising, demanding compensation "for the difference in cost of the fizzy wines, and punitive damages," according to the National Post.

“You have to go beyond the pettiness of the [wine cost] per head,” said Macduff's Montreal lawyer Sebastien Paquette about the lawsuit, which has yet to be certified. “What’s important is you’re trying to lure consumers by marketing something, and you’re not giving them that something…It’s a dishonest practice.”

Insanely, about 1,600 people have come forward to join in the lawsuit, each likely more petty than the last. And "petty" is exactly how Sunwing views the case. "Sunwing has always been proud to invest in experience-enhancing features for our customers," Sunwing said in the statement. "We consider any legal action relating to the marketing of this service to be frivolous and without merit." 

The budget—I repeat, budget—airline has since removed mentions of the word champagne in its marketing. Congratulations, Daniel Macduff. You have truly changed the world.

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