The sparkling water is gold in my heart

Credit: Photo by @spindriftfresh via Instagram

When it comes to ranking flavored sparkling water, I feel like Spindrift always gets overlooked for the flashier or more nostalgic bottles. Sure, LaCroix is stocked in all the coolest offices and Polar has a deeply dedicated fan base, but in my opinion, Spindrift actually tastes the best. After much careful testing (in the form of a daily glass of bits and bubs) I’ve finally figured out all the reasons why Spindrift is the best sparkling water out there.

The Color

“Spindrift is the first sparkling water made with only real squeezed fruit,” reads the Spindrift website. “So, when you pour Spindrift, you’ll see it is colorful because real fruit has color.” It sounds like a minute detail, but I do find something alarming about pouring a blackberry sparkling water that has not even a hint of purplish color. Spindrift, on the other hand, has a faint color, which is what actually happens if you poured real fruit juice into a glass of seltzer. This small but mighty element to the drink gives it major points in my book.

The Nutrition Facts

Most sparkling waters love to shout that they have zero calories and zero carbs and zero sugar, but of course every ingredient list contains the mysterious “natural flavors” addition. Honestly, if I wanted a drink with zero everything I would just have a glass of water, because that’s got to be better for you than something that has flavor but no other compounds. Most cans of Spindrift contains a few grams of sugar, and a few calories (raspberry-lime has 9 calories and 1 gram of sugar per can, while grapefruit has 15 calories and 3 grams of sugar; other flavors have less). But when we’re talking about carbonated drinks, this is still on the low end when compared with canned sodas. Further, I love that Spindrift isn’t afraid to embrace the fact that their drink has calories, because it’s clear they have nothing to hide from an ingredients standpoint. Fruit is food, and food has calories, which we all need to survive. The end.

The Flavor

Because Spindrift has color and calories, it’s only natural that it comes with a great flavor. I love the grapefruit one with the aforementioned bits and bubs, or in an Aperol Spritz (lemon works great here too). Orange-mango is perfect with vodka, and cucumber does something magic with gin. It should also go without saying that they’re lovely on their own, but I always have more fun when I’m playing.