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Celebrities, they're just like us

Tim Nelson
February 07, 2018

Though the convenience is hard to beat, hotel room service can often be a ripoff. And even though she’s the first female rapper to top the Billboard Hot 100 by herself in nearly 20 years doesn’t mean Cardi B is still going to call it like she sees it. 

In a recent Instagram video recorded in a her room at the Mondrian in LA, the refreshingly-outspoken Bronx MC channeled her inner Larry David in a passionate rant about overpriced room service cereal. How, Cardi wonders, can a bowl of cereal costs $7? “First of all, cereal is kind of fake expensive. If you buy the [General] Mills cereals… sometimes the box costs this much,” she tells her fans, “I feel like I’m getting hustled and bamboozled.” 

Looking at cereal in the context of the rest of the menu, it’s pretty clear that Cardi B has a point. Pretty much everything in the “sides” section is overpriced. Is the $8 plain bagel being flown in from New York City? Is the “pork or turkey sausage” hand-delivered by Jeff Goldblum

With rooms at the boutique hotel going for more than $1400 a night, maybe the Mondrian was counting on its guests putting up with their breakfast prices. They should’ve known not to test the former Love & Hip Hop: New York star, though. Because even if Cardi B’s now worth in excess of $4 million (and has been seen sporting a $500k engagement ring from fiance/Migos rapper Offset), she still remembers what it was like to scrimp and save before the fame. 

With millennials getting constant flack for their expensive eating habits, it’s good to know that one of the most popular young women on the planet is proving to the haters wrong. So let’s raise a toast to Cardi B’s good breakfast spending habits, as long as it’s not something from the minibar. 

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