Non-dairy milk is bad except when it's pretty good

By Margaret Eby
Updated August 07, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Rise Brewing Co.

The American war against dairy is something I hate very much. I just do not believe my life would be better without a nice hunk of mozzerella or freshly whipped cream or a splash of whole milk in my morning coffee. I understand why other people need non-dairy milks, for sure, and even why they might prefer them, but still, the rise of non-milk milks causes me concern. Almond milk is a lie. Oats? You cannot milk them. It is not oat milk, it is oat-soaking water. They might be useful lies, like maps, but they are lies nonetheless. Other nut milks are also lies. So I did not expect that a canned Oat Milk Latte would be a drink that I enjoyed. Reader, I was wrong.

Most canned coffee is too sweet for me—I prefer my coffee with a lot of milk but no sugar—and so when Rise Brewing Company sent along a variety pack of their canned coffee offerings, I was expecting that the Oat Milk Latte would be tooth-stickingly sweet. To my surprise, it was not. It was just a touch sweet, milky, and oat-y in a satisfying, not suspicious way. I drank the whole thing. I would gladly drink another.

The Oat Milk Latte is a new product in Rise's lineup, and you can get your hands on it when its released to the wider public in September. A case of 12 canned lattes will cost $34.99, and individual cans will retail between $2.99 and $3.99.

Congratulations to oats, who convinced me that their milk is pretty good, at least in this format. Nice try, almonds.