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The company is being sued for overstating the ginger content of their ginger ale

Margaret Eby
August 01, 2018

A New York woman is suing Dr. Pepper Snapple Group over the content of ginger in their ginger ale. Though Canada Dry ginger ale claims to be made with real ginger, the suit alleges, the drink actually only uses ginger extract—and that means that the ginger particles in the drink are such a tiny percentage as to be negligible. Julie Fletcher, a woman from the New York town of Bolivar, says that the ginger content claims misled her into believing that the ginger ale was a healthier alternative to soda. 

"Ms. Fletcher knew that ginger root can calm an upset stomach, and she often purchased Canada Dry when her children were sick, believing that the ginger root in the beverage would soothe their stomach aches,” the suit reads, per The New York Post.

“But Canada Dry’s ginger flavor extract is not ‘real ginger’ as reasonable consumers understand that term,” the class-action lawsuit continues. “It is manufactured in a lab using various chemicals and extraction processes.”

It's not the first ginger-related suit that company faced. Similar legal proceedings have been filed in Missouri, Masachussetts, and California, though the Missouri case was eventually dismissed. 

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