Extra Crispy’s ‘Breakfast: The Most Important Book About the Best Meal of the Day’ is available now

Credit: Oxmoor House

Some personal news: Extra Crispy is putting out a book. Breakfast: The Most Important Book About the Best Meal of the Day is a beautiful hardcover cookbook full of recipes, infographics, illustrations, personal essays, tips, tricks, heartfelt advice, and pretty much all the breakfast knowledge you could cram into your food-loving brain. Order it now!

When the people at Oxmoor House Books emailed me a while ago and were like, “Hi, book?” I was thrilled. The entire Extra Crispy staff worked on this project for months, and after lots of rewriting and copy editing, here we are. The book is a real thing, and you can buy it and keep it forever. Think of it this way: Websites are great and all, but every site in the world could be turned off forever if some klutz were to trip over a power cord somewhere. You can’t unplug a book.

Extra Crispy’s Breakfast is a cookbook, yes, but like our website, it’s so much more than just recipes. There are brilliant stories from some of our favorite contributors/friends. It’s really excellent, and sure, as the editor of Extra Crispy I’m very much obligated to sing the praises of this book, but I’m more than happy to, because it rules. Even if I didn’t work here, I’d buy two copies: one for my kitchen, which would eventually get covered in jam and egg yolk from all my wacky breakfasting, and one for my coffee table, for people to flip through when they come over to hang out. Do you remember that Earth From Above book that lots of people had in their living room a decade ago? Breakfast is the new Earth From Above, but it's about pancakes and omelets, not pictures of cattle taken from a hot air balloon. What I'm saying is that our book is essential and you should buy it.


The book’s an A+, 10/10. More like 100/10. If you like books and breakfast—and if you don’t then who are you, get out of here—you should order it now. Or, if you prefer to help out your local bookseller, go pick it up in person.

Buy a copy for your friend who’s always eating breakfast for dinner. Get another copy for your friend who every Sunday morning is like, “When are we getting brrrrunch?!” And get a third copy for yourself and start making the soul-enriching breakfasts you deserve. As Hugh Acheson writes in the book’s foreword, “It is time to cook. It is time to say no to brunch lines and oat bars. Get the crossword and a pencil, make some beautiful coffee or complex tea, one that tells a story that you can tell me, put on some Archie Shepp, and craft a memorable meal that will change your morning life.”

Did I mention you can order the book here?