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EC: Butter in a Can from New Zealand Is Highly Addictive
Credit: Photo courtesy of Golden Churn via Facebook

Let me tell you about Golden Churn butter in a can from New Zealand. It's both exotic and fancy and provides visual and olfactory comfort like few other butters I know of. The grass-fed butter has been exciting to have in my little pantry. I make excuses to put just one more piece of bread in the toaster as we get ready in the morning, to smell and taste the salty-sweet butter that is just starting to melt. It’s the same shade as movie-theater popcorn, but the aptly named Golden Churn has a clean and mild taste and does not give off much oily liquid as it melts. Worried about the zombie apocalypse? Golden Churn can be stored without refrigeration for up to 18 months.

Receiving a black and gold can of Golden Churn butter as an airport gift was a fun departure from the usual jars of artisan jelly or bottles of wine. My Aunt Kelly from Whitianga, New Zealand, gifted us two cans of Golden Churn butter, explaining that New Zealand’s milk is a point of pride. My dad and brother also received two cans each, and my 8-year old son attempted to smuggle that inaugural can of (open) butter into another room with a loaf of crusty bread. Yes, our family loves food, but no, you can’t have the can all to yourself, kiddo.

Ballantyne Foods, the makers of Golden Churn, say they’re the largest producer of canned butter in the world. With over 81 percent milkfat, Golden Churn offers a full dairy flavor and just-right balance. Using a wide spreader knife seems to be the best way to apply the butter, given its gently firm consistency. Spread on hot croissants, toast, or pancakes, Golden Churn butter will perfume your kitchen with a mild sugary scent that is intoxicating. If you can’t tell, I’m really digging this butter!

The butter has comforted my dad, too. He’s been caring for my mom while she’s in and out of the hospital and nursing homes. His Golden Churn cans helped revive a tradition of spreading butter on two slices of Oroweat bread, and his story reminded me of how many times he’d toast that same brand of bread for me when I was little. I also love Golden Churn on sourdough bread, a specialty in San Francisco, where we live. We also devour it with the vaunted Tartine bread. One day, my son said that “bread has never been this good!” Maybe he really means butter has never been this good?