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In the future, we'll buy all our food with Whoppercoin

Elizabeth King
February 07, 2018

In a weird convergence of tech gossip and food news, Burger King might be making its own cryptocurrency. Munchies reports that news of a possible Burger King cryptocurrency is only a rumor, but the idea doesn’t actually seem too far-fetched. Earlier this year, Burger King in Moscow alluded that customers may soon be allowed to use Bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency, to pay for their food. One Burger King in Moscow has so far allowed a customer to pay with Bitcoin, but the new rumors make it sound like something much bigger could be around the corner. And heck, it’s 2017... why wouldn’t a fast food restaurant in Russian make its own cryptocurrency?

First things first: Cryptocurrency is a type of entirely digital currency you can use the same way you would regular money. Different cryptocurrencies are often named using a relevant term plus the word coin, e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and so on. Currently, the Russian Central Bank doesn’t accept any cryptocurrencies at all. According to Munchies, the rumored Burger King currency would be called Whoppercoin. The currency will essentially function as super tech-savvy rewards system, allowing customers to rack up Whoppercoin when they eat at Burger King.

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Munchies reports that a Burger King Moscow spokesperson responded to rumors by saying that the company would first need to test out an app that could facilitate this type of program. So far, no exchange rate has been set up, so it’s not clear how many Whoppercoins one would need to actually cash in on a burger. Since so little information is available, much of what might be happening with Whoppercoin is still a mystery. It may be some time until we learn what Burger King is actually up to, but in the meantime, they still take cash.

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