The Bubblecap promises LaCroix making everywhere
Bubblecap stills
Credit: Photo Carl Bergman / Duotone courtesy Bubblecap

Over the past handful of years, there’s been a proliferation of in-home soda machines hitting the market. Each of them grant you the gift of in-home carbonation to create sparkling water or liven up some flat soda, many options are cumbersome and take up an unreasonable amount of counter space. Luckily, a Finnish couple came up with a simple and universal way to fizz up any drink.

Enter the BubbleCap, which bills itself as “a pocket-sized sparkling drink maker that fits any soft drink bottle.” The appropriately bubbly-looking piece of plastic can easily fit into your pocket, purse or kitchen drawer, and requires little more than a few hand pumps and shakes to create instant carbonation. The device pumps CO2 from a cartridge or canister into any beverage of your choice, meaning your dream of creating homemade La Croix is about to become a reality.

In addition to working with a standard-sized refillable CO2 tank for home use, each Bubblecap works with portable cartridges (and at least one is included with every initial purchase) for on-the-go carbonation. You’ll never have to suffer the indignity of drinking a flat soda or still water from a water fountain ever again.

More than just a convenient product, BubbleCap is also driven by an eco-friendly mission. Only about one-third of all polyurethane plastic bottles ever end up getting properly recycled, and none of them are truly biodegradable. As inventor and sparkling water drinker Janne sees it, the surest way to protect the environment from plastic waste is to reduce the need to dispose of bottles in the first place. By giving people the option to carbonate drinks themselves wherever they are, it’s possible to both use less plastic and save money in the long run.

The project has well exceeded its $20,000 Indiegogo funding goal, meaning the first BubbleCaps will start shipping out to backers sometime in April of next year. There are still a few days to get in on the preliminary action, with options starting at $25. To learn more about how it works, check out the video below.