Roll out the Sip'n'slide

EC: Sip Watermelon Rum Punch Directly from the Fruit
Credit: Photo by Kelsey Hansen

Of all the seasons, summer is the most like a non-stop party. People have finally come out of hiding behind down jackets and Netflix marathons, and are looking to celebrate bare arms and hot sunshine. Whether you're a party of one or throwing a block party, summer is a great excuse to whip up some brunch cocktails and toast to temperatures above 70°F. Here's what we'd recommend.

Green Bloody Mary

EC: This Green Bloody Mary Is a Green Juice You'll Actually Like
Credit: Photo by Caitlin Bensel

With the amount of veggies packed into this Bloody Mary, you can almost pretend you're drinking a green juice, not something that will give you a pleasant buzz.

Beer Can Brunch Cocktails

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Credit: photo by Daniel agee

A bellini, a Bloody Mary, and a Mimosa walk into a beer can. Actually, though. Here's how to mix up a cocktail in the beverage vessel you've already got.

Slurpee Cocktails

EC: Slurpee Brunch Cocktails Are Real and You Need One
Credit: Photos by Alex Tepper

You deserve to use a Slurpee as a vehicle for booze. Can I recommend a Slurpmosa? How about a Tequila Slurprise?

Coffee Negroni

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Credit: Photo by Teresa Sabga

The coffee negroni is basically a classier version of a Four Loko: Caffeine and alcohol in one perfect package. This will keep you buzzing all day long.


beer juice shandy
Credit: Photo by photosimysia via Getty Images

Beer + fruit juice = the most refreshing drink of the summer.

Watermelon Rum Punch

EC: Sip Watermelon Rum Punch Directly from the Fruit
Credit: Photo by Kelsey Hansen

Is there anything that screams summer louder than drinking spiked watermelon juice out of a watermelon? I think not.

Jungle Juice Mimosa

Credit: Photo by Gina DiSimone

Embrace your inner frat boy and drink this potent punch out of Solo cups.

Flaming Hot Cheetos Bloody Mary

EC: message-editor%2F1507129598212-cheetos-bloody-mary-video-inline
Credit: Photo by Kelsey hansen

This combination may seem insane, but trust me: The spicy Cheetos work magic on this Bloody Mary.

LaCroix Hangover Cure

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All of these beverages may leave you needing a little boost in the morning. LaCroix makes a perfect hair-of-the-dog mixer.