Photo by Kelsey Hansen

Roll out the Sip'n'slide 

Kate Welsh
June 29, 2018

Of all the seasons, summer is the most like a non-stop party. People have finally come out of hiding behind down jackets and Netflix marathons, and are looking to celebrate bare arms and hot sunshine. Whether you're a party of one or throwing a block party, summer is a great excuse to whip up some brunch cocktails and toast to temperatures above 70°F. Here's what we'd recommend. 

Green Bloody Mary

Photo by Caitlin Bensel

With the amount of veggies packed into this Bloody Mary, you can almost pretend you're drinking a green juice, not something that will give you a pleasant buzz. 

Beer Can Brunch Cocktails

photo by Daniel agee

A bellini, a Bloody Mary, and a Mimosa walk into a beer can. Actually, though. Here's how to mix up a cocktail in the beverage vessel you've already got. 

Slurpee Cocktails

Photos by Alex Tepper

You deserve to use a Slurpee as a vehicle for booze. Can I recommend a Slurpmosa? How about a Tequila Slurprise?  

Coffee Negroni

Photo by Teresa Sabga

The coffee negroni is basically a classier version of a Four Loko: Caffeine and alcohol in one perfect package. This will keep you buzzing all day long. 


Photo by photosimysia via Getty Images

Beer + fruit juice = the most refreshing drink of the summer

Watermelon Rum Punch

Photo by Kelsey Hansen

Is there anything that screams summer louder than drinking spiked watermelon juice out of a watermelon? I think not. 

Jungle Juice Mimosa

Photo by Gina DiSimone

Embrace your inner frat boy and drink this potent punch out of Solo cups. 

Flaming Hot Cheetos Bloody Mary

Photo by Kelsey hansen

This combination may seem insane, but trust me: The spicy Cheetos work magic on this Bloody Mary

LaCroix Hangover Cure

All of these beverages may leave you needing a little boost in the morning. LaCroix makes a perfect hair-of-the-dog mixer

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