First Manhattan, then the world
EC: Video: The World's First Avocado Bar Is Opening in Brooklyn
Credit: Photo by Alex Tepper

When I met with Avocaderia co-founder Francesco Brachetti yesterday, he looked happy but tired, exactly what you would expect from someone who's been working 70-hour weeks at a brand new avocado bar. The whole sight was so different from when I visited the first day, when the primary worry was running out of avocados, not where they'll open their next restaurant. That's right, Avocaderia has plans for expansion. Brachetti already has a good idea of which Manhattan neighborhood might have the next Avocaderia: SoHo/Nolita, Chelsea, and Downtown are currently in the running. But they're already starting to think about the future. "The plan we have now is for the next five years," Brachetti told me. "We would like to be in around seven different states, with 20-25 locations." California, Boston, and Chicago will probably come next. When I asked if that sort of expansion had been the plan all along, Brachetti smiled. "That was the plan. It's turning out well."

International expansion isn't out of the question either. "We want to focus on having a good, sound structure here, and we'll think about international [expansion] in the next few years."

For now, Brachetti envisions Avocaderia kicking off a greater wellness lifestyle movement. He wants his healthy food to, at least once a week, replace the "hamburger, bacon, or pizza" that people typically reach for at breakfast or lunch. "In the end, we aim at being a lifestyle company. To promote healthy lifestyles and eating. It's a bigger concept than just the avocado," Brachetti said. "We want people to embrace an entire culture, not just the avocado because it's cool. We have a reason behind what we're doing."

They've recently teamed up with Daybreaker, the morning dance party popular with tech bros and wellness gurus, on a few events. "That's the kind of brand we want to be associated with," Brachetti explained. "A morning dance party with yoga and wellness and positive events." And they're looking beyond that to other partnerships. "We're trying to be associated with brands that share our own values."

As we were wrapping up our conversation, I asked Brachetti how he was taking care of himself during such a busy, exhausting time. He scratched his head for a second, before grinning. "Well," he said, "I'm eating avocado every day."