A DIY cold smoker will change your lox-loving life


When I was about five years old, my hometown of Hagerstown, Maryland, got its first bagel store. I was pretty pumped about the idea of strawberry cream cheese and something other than Lender's. Mom wasn't about that life, and she wanted me to try lox. The bagel store did not have lox, so in what may be my first memory of being embarrassed/proud of a parent, my mother lit in to the guy at the counter like he was smoking at a gas station. Eventually, they did get lox. When I tried it, I had my first realization of what "delicacy" means. 

I've been eating lox and all sorts of smoked fish ever since, but one thing that has always bugged me is how ridiculously expensive an addiction like this can get. Enter science, and with it, its good friend Jerry Rigging. For under 50 bucks you can make your own cold smoker, converting grocery store salmon into slammin' homemade smoked salmon. This thing pays for itself in two uses, but what is truly priceless is how freaking delicious it is.