Like the city itself, the breakfast options here are vast and can be tricky to navigate. Here are 11 spots to try.
Credit: Photo by Natalie B. Compton

Los Angeles may be missing the bagel game of New York, and the beignet game of New Orleans, and the coffee game of San Francisco, but the city is a breakfast paradise in its own right. Los Angeles is an amalgamation of many different breakfast cultures, sometimes presenting them in all of their authenticity, and sometimes taking artistic liberties with California touches. The result is a vibrant pool of restaurants serving all sorts of breakfast dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for greasy-spoon diner hash browns or something of the gluten-free persuasion, the city’s breakfast scene has you covered. Here are 11 Los Angeles breakfast spots you should try, not ranked in any order, because they're all exceptional and worthy of a visit.


Husband and wife team Walter Manzke and Margarita Manzke Margarita set a very high bar for breakfast in LA when they opened Republique. Housed in a historic space built in 1928 by Charlie Chaplin and designed by architect Roy Sheldon Price, Republique is a solid pick morning, noon, or night, thanks to the jaw-dropping beauty of the restaurant and the ever-interesting menu. Breakfast highlights include the brioche French toast, the croque madame, and any pastry.

Little Dom’s

Los Feliz’s beloved Italian-American haunt doesn’t only offer breakfast, it masters it. Sweet, savory, it doesn’t matter how you order; you’re going to be happy and very full. The ricotta and blueberry pancakes are legendary, and so are the breakfast potatoes that are a mandatory side dish order.


The Southeast Asian brunch situation going on at Wallflower Venice is one of the city’s best kept secrets. The scallion and kimchi pancake? Unreal. The black sweet rice porridge? Equally unreal. The menu is small but mighty, accompanied nicely with a brunch cocktail selection. Get your caffeine fix via the Hijau Bourbon with bourbon, lemon, honey, Cointreau, and matcha.


If you're ever said something like "I love breakfast tacos," HomeState is the spot for you. The Texan restaurant (now with two locations) kills the migas taco game. The corn chip crunch going on in the eggs goes well with whatever option you choose from, be it vegetarian, chorizo, or brisket.

The Pantry

The Pantry has been serving downtown diners (24 hours of the day) well before downtown became cool again. The place has stayed open since 1924, making it one of the most historic places to grab breakfast. Pancakes are the move here whether you’re heading in at a traditional breakfast hour or at 3 a.m.

Square One Dining

Two words: breakfast salad. We’re not kidding. This isn’t an order for the health conscious eater alone. It’s a damn good meal. Between the oozy egg, pickled onions, and avocado, the salad offers a range of textures and flavors that earn it a glowing spot on this list. If you’re really not feeling kale in the morning, fear not. Go for the huevos rancheros or unbelievably comforting brioche French toast.


There’s a reason this place is never not busy. Gjusta is a Venice institution at this point, and rightfully so. Get in before 2:30 to get on the breakfast menu filled with egg dishes, smoked fish delights, and healthful smoothies. There is no bad order here, but to narrow things down, we love the multi-grain porridge waffle, and the smoked fish & egg with labneh, cucumber & radish, 17 herbs, tomato, soft egg, plus toast.

Botanica Restaurant & Market

As a well-seasoned Middle Eastern-ish food trend sweeps Los Angeles, Botanica stands at the forefront. The all-day dining spot in Silver Lake is a breakfast must for dining in or taking something to go. While the menu changes seasonally, the Turkish Eggs has become an always-available, über-popular dish with its poached farm eggs, aleppo-urfa butter, garlicky yogurt, charred scallions, lemony salad, and cornmeal focaccia. On your way out, snag a loaf of Bub and Grandma’s bread from the restaurant’s market to make an avocado toast breakfast for yourself at home.

The Butcher’s Daughter

Heather Tierney’s Abbott Kinney staple might seem a little too Venice at first glance between the boho chic decor and Wellness Lattes, but don’t write off the juice bar/cafe too quickly. The food is delicious even if it is health-aware. Bonus points for the airy, plant-filled setting that can lift any bad vibes weighing on your morning.

Jugos Azteca

If we had to pick just one LA breakfast of champions, it’s probably coming from the menu of Highland Park’s Jugos Azteca. The place serves one of the best breakfast burritos around, not to mention day-making chilaquiles and huaraches. Wash the goodness down with a perfectly sweetened horchata.


There’s no talking about breakfast in Los Angeles without mentioning Sqirl. If LA breakfast spots were celebrities, this is the Kim Kardashian of the bunch. The mega-popular restaurant gets flack for its line (avoided if you head in at 6:30 when it opens), but not enough flack to keep that line from forming day after day with fans old and new. The Crispy Rice Salad and Famed Ricotta Toast are all-time standouts, so good you’ll keep ordering them again and again even though the rotating specials look very enticing. Come in with friends so you can justify ordering large swaths of the menu—just be prepared to wait.