Comfort food during discomforting times
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EC: Breakfast Food Helped Americans Survive the Presidential Debate
Credit: Photo by photovideostock via Getty Images

No matter who you're voting for, you'd be hard-pressed to see last night's presidential debate as anything but a total trainwreck for humanity. Most news outlets said the Trump-Clinton debate was one of the lowest points in American presidential politics, and few people found anything resembling comfort through the entire hour and a half of bickering, answer-dodging, and chair-humping. But plenty of folks did find some degree of comfort from ordering breakfast food: Seamless told Extra Crispy this morning in an email that breakfast-food deliveries spiked during the presidential debate as compared to last week's tallies. So much for ordering from taco trucks on every corner.

Breakfast food orders on Grubhub jumped by triple digits last Sunday night when compared to the week prior. The biggest jump? Orders for egg, meat, and cheese sandwiches increased 183 percent. In second place were orders for ham and cheese omelets, which saw a 150 percent spike from two Sunday nights ago. English muffin orders spiked by 134 percent, perhaps out of sympathy for those suffering from the looming Brexit process (or maybe in support of Nigel Farage's debate appearance last night). Bagels with a scallion cream cheese schmear went up by 134 percent, and Greek omelets spiked by 118 percent. No word on whether or not folks were preparing for an economic catastrophe by channeling the Greeks by way of feta-laden breakfast food.

Grubhub's Kaitlyn Carl said, "We wanted to find out what dishes Grubhub diners turned to when tuning into the debate last night. We found that our diners rally in front of the TV with friends and family and share a somewhat surprising taste for breakfast foods. We were delighted to see that breakfast for dinner on debate night was the top trend."

Perhaps the spike in breakfast orders during the debate had less to do with Grexit and Brexit and had more to do with finding comfort through our stomachs. After all, breakfast is perhaps the best comfort food there is—breakfast is a meal for all seasons, times, and places. It's there for you at 9 p.m. just as much as it is at 9 a.m.

Ultimately, however, Grubhub's breakfast-order spike might be a sign of positive things to come. Breakfast has the power to unite, and doesn't usually conjure up divisive opinions. Whether you're a sweet or savory person, or prefer pulp-filled over pulp-free orange juice, you're not likely to come to blows over the subject. There's room for everyone at the breakfast table—something we all could enjoy after perhaps the most divisive, ugly, and downright unpleasant election in recent memory.