Prepare your stomachs, Mile High City residents

denver breakfast burrito day
Credit: Photo by LauriPatterson via Getty Images

If New York City is all about bagels, and Austin calls itself breakfast taco-central, Denver is known for green chili breakfast burritos. Residents of the Mile High City love this breakfast dish so much that their mayor, Michael Hancock, just created the first-ever Breakfast Burrito Day.

This blessed holiday will be observed on Saturday, October 14. One of Colorado’s most popular Mexican restaurant franchises, Santiago’s, will be spearheading Breakfast Burrito Day—they plan to offer their popular breakfast burrito for just $1.25. Just know that you can’t arrive with a plan to stock up on a month’s worth of to-go burritos, as the special price will be limited to five breakfast burritos per person.

Denver isn’t the only place that's dedicated a holiday to their favorite food. Philadelphia has made March 24 (technically National Cheesesteak Day) a citywide day of celebration, with free and discounted sandwiches available all over the area. The whole state of New Jersey celebrates their iconic food, Taylor Ham, with their Pork Roll Festival in May. Chicago also pays tribute to their favorite dressing of a dish—the Chicago-style hot dog (all-beef frank, pickle, celery salt, peppers, relish, diced onions, and tomatoes on a poppyseed bun) with free and discounted wieners throughout the city on July 19. The Windy City is so passionate about their hot dog accoutrement that Heinz played a trick on Chicago this summer. The condiment company stocked containers of “Chicago Dog Sauce” at restaurants throughout the city that turned out to be nothing more than ketchup, the very last thing a Chicago native would want.

Of course, citywide and national food holidays seem a constant annoyance in the world of social media, but when a good dish is celebrated, we’re still game to enjoy the discounts. Not sure you’ll make it to Denver in October? Celebrate Breakfast Burrito Day yourself by making a big batch of make-ahead burritos, and stash them in the freezer for emergency breakfasts.