The most important countdown of the year
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EC: Breakfast Advent Calendar
Credit: Illustrations by Lauren Kolm

Advent has arrived—hooray! Or alternately, huh? If you grew up in a household that celebrates Christmas, you probably know Advent as the period that starts four Sundays before the holiday, preparing worshippers to celebrate the religious meaning of the season. If you don’t, you’ve probably seen the calendars with windows that pop open and dispense chocolate, liquor minis, or cheese. We’re gonna go with that one. From now until Christmas, each day we’ll reveal a new breakfast treat—like a nifty gadget, a simple tip, a recipe, or an object that celebrates the spirit of breakfast. Check in every morning for a little bit of holiday cheer.

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25. 3-in-1 Breakfast Machine

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Credit: Photo via Amazon

You’ve got plenty on your plate today, and not a single inch of extra room on your countertop. This 3-in-1 breakfast machine is gonna save your Christmas. This toaster-griddle-coffee pot combo lets you cook and brew every course at once so you can spend more of your time and space making with the merry.
3-in-1 Breakfast Machine, $67.50,

24. Cinnamon Sugar

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Credit: Photo by Sherstor via Getty Images

Mornings can be a little daunting. You’re stumbling around half-awake with sleep crust in your eyes, and while a delicious breakfast seems like just the ticket, it’s just seems so haaarrrrd. But not if you have a cinnamon sugar mix already made for you. Suddenly plain old toast is transformed into a sweet, nostalgic treat that makes the day seem a little easier.
Learn all about cinnamon toast.

23. Doughnut Motivational Poster

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1482504176714-23-doughnut-motivational-print-no-time-for-crappy-thoughts-wall-poster
Credit: Illustration by Betty Turbo

We could all use a little motivation in the morning, and it’s even better if it comes in the form of a doughnut wreath. Artist Betty Turbo absorbed the mantra “No time for crappy thoughts” from her father and lovingly translated it into a gorgeous poster printed with archival pigment inks on heavyweight, matte paper. Come for the doughnut poster, stay for her excellent greeting cards, shirts, and zines.
Doughnut Motivational Poster, $20, Etsy

22. Pancake Tote

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Credit: Photo courtesy of Redbubble

Some people wear their love for breakfast on their sleeve. Others hang it from their shoulder. Fill this high-quality tote bag with your usual stuff or fill it fulla pancakes and live your life.
Pancake Tote, $30,

21. Coffee Warmer

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Credit: Photo via Amazon

On the shortest, darkest day of the year, it is of utmost importance to keep yourself caffeinated and delighted. Chilly coffee is a serious buzzkill, and it’s a cinch to stave that off with this plug-in Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer. Necessary? Nah. But if you can’t treat yourself or someone else today, when can you?
Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Home/Office Use, $9.99,

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Credit: Photo Courtesy of Modcloth

20. Brunch Money Makeup Bag

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Credit: Photo Courtesy of ShopWhiteRabbit

Eggs Benny and endless mimosas don’t grow on trees, you know. Save up your singles and stuff them in this incredibly darling and durable zip-up bag. There’s plenty of room for a lipstick, your cell, and some shades, too—just in case last night was… festive.
Brunch Money Makeup Bag, $30, ShopWhiteRabbit on Etsy

19. Perfect Toast

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Credit: Photo by Daniel Day via Getty Images

It’s the little things, ya know? Toast is almost inevitably delightful, but when you take a little bit of extra care, it can become sublime. Give yourself the gift of mastering this simple technique to push your toast over the top.
Learn to make perfect toast.

18. Soft Butter

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1482120207194-butterpot-inline
Credit: Photo Courtesy Emile Henry

Life is hard. You might as well have soft butter right at hand. While some people might shred it, mill it, or buy a special heated knife, we like to go old-school with a French-style butter crock, or beurrier. Pack the butter in, fill with cold water, and you can leave it out on the counter for up to 30 days. Spread the news!
Butter Pot, $40,

17. French Press Pin

Here’s a gift that’ll make an impression on your favorite coffee lover or the barista who takes care of you when you’re at your most vulnerable. Just pin it on a lapel, point, and they’ll get their caffeine fix without having to say a word.
French Press Pin, $9, or see more breakfast pins here.

16. Death Star Waffle Maker

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1481815114842-death-star-waffle-inline
Credit: photo via thinkgeek

It may have taken twenty years for the Empire to build their Death Star, but you can create you own in just a few minutes with the Death Star waffle iron. Be wary, though, and do not leave your waffle in the iron too long, lest it truly join the dark (and burnt) side. There are rumors that if one focuses the stream of one’s maple syrup on a certain spot on the Death Star waffle, it will implode into a mass of powdered sugar, but no one has found the plans yet. See more Star Wars-themed breakfast gear here.
Death Star Waffle Iron, $40,

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Credit: photo courtesy of amazon

15. Overnight Cereal

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1481818826585-overnight-bulgur-bowls-inline-1
Credit: Photo by Alex Tepper

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give yourself is time—especially when it’s paired with a hearty breakfast. Master this endlessly adaptable overnight bulgur bowl recipe, so you can hit the snooze alarm a billion times and still treat yourself to a happy, healthy, delicious meal.
Learn how to make an overnight bulgur bowl.

14. Breakfast Rings

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1481730995378-rings-inline
Credit: Photo via UpTOYOUTORONTO

You dig breakfast so much? Put a dang ring on it. Or you could just put breakfast on your rings. Choose from egg, full English, pancake, eclair, or Danish designs—or splurge for all five— and have your favorite meal at your fingertips (or below your knuckles) any time of day. Note: You may have to search on the site for “breakfast,” but it’s worth the extra step.
Breakfast Rings, $22 CAD,

13. Mini Skillet

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1481639242498-mini-skillet-inline
Credit: Photo by Kat Kinsman

Some mornings, you don’t need to go whole hog. Maybe just one egg, or a teeny, tiny pancake fix. That’s where a mini skillet comes. This 3 1/2-inch cast iron pan is perfectly sized for a single portion, and it’s just so darned cute to boot. The receiver's smiles will be full-sized.
Mini Skillet, $6.25,

12. Biscuit Flour

Great biscuits don’t just rise up outta nowhere. They take care, practice, and some particular attention to ingredients. While you can make decent biscuits with just about any flour, if you ask a butch of the best biscuit makers what flour they prefer, most of them would say White Lily. Grab a bag for the baker in your life and maybe even try a hand at a batch yourself.
White Lily Biscuit Flour, $5.49,

11. Sloth Tea Infuser

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1481556732216-sloth
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Modcloth

Ever see a video of a sloth and think, “Mmmm...goals”? Let this sleepy little guy hang out in your tea and lazily steep the perfect cuppa. If a platypus or dinosaur is more your speed, we’ve got you covered, too.
You Snooze, You Brew Tea Infuser, $15,

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Credit: Photo Courtesy of Modcloth

10. Breakfast Smiley Socks

You love breakfast from your head down to your feet, and now the whole world can know it. These slightly psychedelic socks sport a sausage smile, sunny-side-up eyes, and enough cheer to keep your toes tapping from morning ‘til night. If these aren’t your cup of tea, don’t despair; there’s definitely a pair of breakfast socks out there for you.
Breakfast Smiley Socks, $8,

9. Champagne Salute

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1481294026964-cham-tower-1
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Modcloth

Know what makes a great brunch? Champagne. (Or prosecco, cava, and other fizzy wine.) Know what makes a brunch totally baller? A Champagne tower. There’s a tiny bit of physics behind this elegant, over-the-top presentation, but you can totally handle it. Give yourself and your guests the gift of “Whoaaaaaaa!”
Here's how to build one.

8. Coddled Eggs

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1481207421545-coddle-1
Credit: Photo by Alex Tepper

You deserve a fancy-ass morning. You just do. And that can come easily via a little bit of coddling. We’re not talking a spa visit (though you can feel entirely free to do so), but rather cooking the softest, most luxurious eggs on the planet. All you need is a splash of cream, a slice of bacon, and the will to accept happiness into your heart. (And if you don’t own an actual coddler, fret not—a small, lidded mason jar will work just fine.)
Treat yourself to coddled eggs.

7. Tamagoyaki

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1481123688638-toma
Credit: photo by david williams

One of the kindest presents a grown-up(ish) human can give themselves is the gift of a brand-new show-off skill. Master the method for these cool little Japanese omelets (a.k.a. tamagoyaki) and impress the heck out of guests at your next brunch party or, um, sleepover.
Learn to make tamagoyaki.

6. Mini Spice Kit

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1481134003091-penzeys-inline-2
Credit: Photo courtesy of Penzeys

Whether your gift recipient loves to make pastries or brew coffee, this cunning collection of baking spice, cinnamon, and natural cocoa powder from the much-loved Penzeys Spices trumps just about any non-edible option. If sweets aren’t their thing, Penzeys offers a wild, wonderful variety of kits to suit every palate from homespun to far-flung.
4 Jar Bakers' Assortment Gift Pack, $12.95,

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Credit: Photo courtesy of Penzeys

5. Petite Heart Cocotte

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1480947816032-heart-1
Credit: photo courtesy of Willams-sonoma

Everything tastes better when it’s cooked from the heart, and here’s your chance to make that a less metaphorical. Le Creuset’s cunning little 1-cup stoneware crock is perfect for serving or cooking individual portions of shakshuka, grits, souffle, or any other dish your heart fancies.
Petite Heart Cocotte, $25,

4. Cheese Necklace

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1480715479009-cheese-necklace
Credit: photo courtesy of tatty devine

Cult Brit jewelry maker Tatty Devine specializes in quirky, cool acrylic necklaces, rings, and pins that are often modeled after everyday objects. They’ve outdone themselves with a necklace that transforms wedges of Edam, cheddar, Stilton, Cheshire, and Swiss cheese hung like decorative bunting. A little cheesy? YES. That’s the point.
Cheese Bunting Necklace, £40.00 ($51),

3. Hot Bread Kitchen Breakfast in Bed

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1480715415077-b-in-bed-inline
Credit: Photo courtesy of hot bread kitchen

Hot Bread Kitchen’s Breakfast in Bed sampler contains Persian Nan-e Qandi flavored with honey and sesame seeds, “My Mom’s Nutty Granola” with whole almonds, peanuts and honey, traditional Challah bread that’s ideal for French toast or slathered with Hot Bread Kitchen Incubator member Crosstown Sweets’ plum and star anise jam. Recipe cards for French toast and almond babka come with, so you could even move the red-hot breakfast action to the kitchen and save the bedroom for other stuff—like cuddling up together in a sexy, sexy carb coma.
Hot Bread Kitchen Breakfast in Bed, $80,

2. Frowny Sun Juice Glass

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1480691279088-sad-glass-1
Credit: photo courtesy of fishs eddy

Turn that frown upside down—and dump the contents straight into your mouth. Adam J. Kurtz, the author and illustrator of Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later, brings his distinctive dark humor and charm to a collaboration with NYC cult kitchenware store Fishs Eddy in the form of housewares like a jaunty “You Tried” trophy, a small dish for “jelly beans, confetti, bus tickets, horseradish,” and our favorite—a juice glass splashed with a little sun that’s just not feeling it today. Got enough glasses? The mood-challenged icon is also screened onto a canvas tote bag.
Frowny Sun Juice Glass, $7,

1. Egg Cup Soldier, Spoon, and Toast Cutter Set

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1480618495022-egg-soldier
Credit: photo courtesy of amazon

Atten-shun! If you’re keen to greet your day with a bit of an English accent, a Queen’s Guard egg cup just might do the trick. This little red-trousered, black-hatted fella comes armed with a spoon of his own, as well a cutter for pressing out toast soldiers to dip into your properly soft-boiled egg. If the monarchy ain’t your bag, the maker, Paladone, also offers egg cups in the shape of an Eggstronaut (with a rocket-shaped cutter), Batman (bat-shaped cutter), and a small military tank.
Egg Cup Soldier, Spoon and Toast Cutter Set, $22.98,

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Credit: photo courtesy of amazon