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EC: Brach's Brunch Candy Corn Flavors Are Ready for You to Try

If you're the kind of person that groans at the sight of Halloween items appearing on drugstore shelves in September, you might want to reconsider your stance. Brach's just dropped Candy Corn Brunch Favorites, a bag of Brunch-flavored candy corn that is all treat and no trick. The quiet launch of the brunch-inspired candy corn collection marks Brach's newest contribution to the world of weird and wacky one-off flavor assortments, nipping at the heels of quirky Oreo flavors like banana split, birthday cake, blueberry pie, and pumpkin spice (because of course there'd be a pumpkin spice flavor). In previous years, Brach's has released their own pumpkin spice-flavored candy corn (duh) and caramel macchiato-flavored candy corn varieties.

Candy Corn Brunch Favorites now completes the #basic breakfast trinity by offering a mix of french toast and maple syrup, strawberry waffle, and chocolate-chip pancake flavors in one 15-ounce bag. For some strange reason, Brach's totally overlooked other amazing brunch favorites like eggs Benedict, breakfast burrito, and Bloody Mary flavors. Whatever, guys. Irrespective of these glaring omissions, a package of brunch candy corn treats will set you back three bucks, and is only available for a limited time at your local Target.

But how does brunch candy corn taste? That depends on whom you ask.

Some are too afraid to even try it.

Some blamed it this brunch candy corn creation on 2016, also known as the Weirdest Year in History.

But other, more intrepid souls were more than happy to give Brach's Brunch Favorites Candy Corn a try. The brave souls at PopSugar said the bag "smelled like a Yankee candle" and had mixed feelings about the taste, which ranged from love to abject hatred. But some folks (who may or may not work at Target) loved this brunch candy corn confection.

Although the Extra Crispy crew has yet to sink our teeth into Brach's Fall Favorites Brunch Candy Corn to do an official in-house taste test, we'll be sure to get to get our hands on a bag before they're gone for good. We're willing to sacrifice our bodies for you guys because we're cool like that. (Translation: We're paid to do that.)