“I took that sip, and that did it. That sealed the deal.”
Starbucks water boy
Credit: Image courtesy of YouTube

Don’t go to Starbucks for the coffee—go for the water. At least, according to one very suave young man in a suit who goes by the name of Reviewbrah on YouTube. On TheReportOfTheWeek, a review channel that has been running since 2011, the teen spoke for almost 20 full minutes on a very important topic: the beauty of Starbucks water. Reviewbrah noted that a lot of his commenters have asked why he drinks Starbucks water in all his videos. And to be clear, we’re not talking about some fancy line of water. He literally drinks water out of a Starbucks cup, and apparently, that’s a conscious choice.

In what he dubs an “absolutely thrilling, edge-of-your-seat video,” Reviewbrah discusses all of the kinds of water and “water receptacles” (also known as cups) that he has drank out of throughout all his videos, from a nice blue goblet to a Thirst-Buster tumbler. But after about three years of being a regular patron at Starbucks, Reviewbrah discovered something that changed his H2O-drinking life forever. "Somehow I realized that Starbucks can give you ice water for free,” he said.

So he used his best gentleman’s etiquette to ask for a cup of Starbucks ice water. "I took that sip, and that did it. That sealed the deal," he proclaimed dramatically in the video. "And I immediately realized... this is it. I finally found it. And thus, the Starbucks water was introduced.”

So what’s so damn good about Starbucks water? Well, he loves the plastic Starbucks tumbler, but the water itself is superior, he says. "There really are different subtle flavors of water," he said. "...I really don't know the secret. I don't work at Starbucks... but for some reason, the flavor of the Starbucks water is as far superior to a lot of the tap water and even bottled water that I've had in my water-drinking career."

One YouTube commenter who claims to be a former Starbucks barista said that it's "triple-filtered" which is essential because they use the water as the base for various drinks. Another commenter who is currently a Starbucks barista confirmed this, adding that "you get spoiled to it and notice when other waters taste differently." So there you have it, folks. Go to Starbucks for the water.