Rabid animal versus plastic pod

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder
Updated February 13, 2018
Credit: Screenshot via CBS Boston

A Boston-area woman may have finally found a good use for single-serve coffee pods when she used K-Cups to fight off a fox. According to a report from CBS Boston, Kayla Doig, a resident of Beverly, Massachusetts, was unpacking her groceries from her dad's pickup truck on Monday evening when she was attacked by a fox. The fox bit her and latched onto her leg, and so she started throwing boxes of K-Cups and frozen waffles at the animal, trying to get it off. Unfortunately, the assault of K-cups and waffles was not enough to deter the possibly rabid fox. It was Doig's father who ran out of the house and was able to scare the animal away.

Doig immediately went to the hospital and received anti-rabies shots, as well as "a prescribed plan for continued treatment over the next 10 days," according to CBS Boston. And she seems to be doing fine for now, save the two bite marks on her left leg. Doig wrote in a Facebook post detailing the incident, "Currently, I am okay, just in pain." And for those worried that Doig lost all of her groceries in the melee, she added, "Thankfully I have some waffles and coffee!"

The real lesson here is that there are more effective ways to fight off a potentially rabid animal that's attacking you than to throw K-Cups at it—but it might be the most good those pods have ever done for the world.