Bordeaux Blanc are cousins to the region's bold reds, and they're perfect at brunch

By Margaret Eby
Updated October 29, 2018
Credit: GANNAMARTYSHEVA/Getty Images

When you think about wine from Bordeaux, you're probably picturing an Olivia Pope-style red: something big, bold, and sipped from a balloon-sized stem glass. While it's true that Bordeaux is famous for its red wine, it's not the only kind of wine that the region produces. Bordeaux churns out seven million bottles a year, including sparkling wine, sweet whites, rosé, and, most importantly, some very delicious dry white wines, known as White Bordeaux or Bordeaux Blanc.

The delicious Bordeaux Blanc I tried were light with a slight citrus-y note, the kind of white that goes well with dinner or board games, a sort of casually elegant wine. And because it's usually priced under $25, and often below $15, making it the exact kind of thing I'm always looking for at the wine store—something interesting and easy drinking but not expensive.

Like the red wines of Bordeaux, the whites are blends. The primary grapes represented are Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, and Muscadelle. If you're a Bordeaux Blanc newbie, Anthony Cailan, the regional brand ambassador of the Bordeaux Wine Council, suggets starting with the Close Des Lunes 'Lune D'argent' 2015, "a flavor profile that meets at the intersection of complexity and glugability." Plus, it'll usually cost you between $15 and $20. You could also reach for the Michel Lynch Sauvignon Blanc, which Cailan says pairs very well with popcorn, a very Olivia Pope touch indeed. Or if you're in a wine store, look out for White Bordeaux—because they're such a small percentage of exports from the region relative to the reds, anything that a house decides to put the effort to distribute is probably worth trying.