It's odd, to say the least

By Kate Welsh
Updated June 01, 2018
Credit: Photo by RUSS ROHDE via getty images

Bone broth has been a top wellness trend for a couple years now. Acolytes of the trend credit the collagen and protein content of broth for curing or alleviating a whole host of issues, from creaky bones to leaky guts. As a result, bone broth has found it's way into everything from coffee drinks to smoothies. Now, a company called Paleo-on-the-Go has created Strawberry Banana Broth Pops, and I had the chance to give them a try.

It should be noted that I'm okay with the broth trend in general. Bone broth is great: Savory, unctuous, and exactly what you'd want when you're not feeling top-notch. But I'd rather my broth be, you know, hot. Cold soup is kind of a bummer. Frozen soup is just confusing.

The pops come in packs of eight, and they're packaged like the Fla-Vor-Ice of your youth, but bigger, and with less-tearable plastic. The color is a little unfortunate—kind of brownish pink. More opaque packaging might be a good idea.

The strawberry banana bone broth pops taste almost exactly as you'd expect. It's like a kids' smoothie has been frozen and then lightly sprinkled with salt. The strawberry banana combination is a classic, to be sure, but is also pure sweetness—there's not a lot of nuance to the flavor. There's an undercurrent of savoriness that's not unpleasant, really, but is just odd, and makes you very aware that you're eating, as Paleo-on-the-Go says, 25% frozen bone broth.

I imagine if you take care of little ones, you could offer these to them and they wouldn't know the difference—and get a little extra protein in the process. There's a customer on the Paleo-on-the-Go site who said she ordered them to eat while she had a stomach bug in the middle of summer—that's a great idea, too.

As for me, I'll stick to regular popsicles. But I'd prefer to drink my bone broth—as long as it's hot.