Scrambled egg crostini challenge!
EC: Bobby Flay vs. Bobby Flay: Breakfast Battle of the Century
Credit: Photo and video by Alex Tepper

When we asked Bobby Flay to do a cooking video with us, he graciously agreed and even invited us into his own home to shoot it. He planned on making the scrambled egg crostini with romesco sauce that he serves at his restaurant Gato. When we arrived for the shoot, Bobby and his staff had all the ingredients measured out and ready to go. Once the cameras were rolling, he started cooking and talking through the dish. It was like any other Extra Crispy video… until a challenger showed up out of nowhere. Bobby was shocked and kinda pissed. He had no idea what was going on or how this guy got in his house. It was like Bobby’s Food Network shows, except this time Bobby wasn’t surprising a local chef to a throwdown. Bobby himself was being challenged. So, who was this challenger? Who had enough hubris to take on the master? Answer: Bobby Flay.

Stretching all we know about metaphysics, Bobby Flay faced off against Bobby Flay in a scrambled egg crostini challenge at Bobby Flay's house. It was Jordan vs. Jordan, Woods vs. Woods, Phelps vs. Phelps. But in the end, only one Bobby Flay could impress celebrity judge Heléne Yorke. Who won the eggy melee? Hometown hero Bobby Flay or aggressive challenger Bobby Flay? Watch to find out.