The southern chicken chain has a redesign that includes a peek into their biscuit-making operation
EC: 'Biscuit Theater' Is Coming to a Bojangles' Near You
Credit: Photo by Lauri Patterson via Getty Images

Bojangles’, the Charlotte-based fast food chain with the inscrutable name, takes its biscuits seriously. As part of an upcoming restaurant redesign, the regional fried chicken and biscuits emporium plans to treat its customers to a so-called “Biscuit Theater,” where, according to a release, “they can witness biscuits being made fresh every 20 minutes by a Bojangles’ Master Biscuit Maker.” Yes, a master biscuit maker. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but the status Bojangles’ accords its line cooks certainly attests to the chain’s respect for the craft of biscuit preparation. Since 1977, when the restaurant first opened, Bojangles’, which has more than 600 scattered throughout the southeastern United States, has made its biscuits from scratch.

But “it’s kind of been out of view and we wanted to make sure that we brought the biscuit up front and center,” Randy Icard, Bojangles’ vice president of construction and development, told Alex Dixon of QSR, the magazine of quick-service and fast-casual restaurant news. “This is an important step for us, especially as we go into newer markets; people will understand right off the bat that we’re back there baking biscuits from scratch. You’ll see the biscuit maker rolling and cutting biscuits, and you’ll also be able to see our biscuit ovens right behind the master biscuit maker.”

Bojangles’ master biscuit makers, who knead each batch of dough with their bare hands and may make more than 1,000 biscuits in an eight-hour shift, must “sign a detailed biscuit contract before becoming certified,” according to Bojangles’ website. There are 48 steps involved in the preparation of each batch. That number might strain credulity, of course, though as Garden & Gun puts it, “They exist to ensure consistency without turning the process over to machines.” Each batch is supposed to take about four minutes to make. If the biscuit makers can add dancing to the mix, that'll be an entertaining bit of theater.