Nashville's Biscuit Love is unleashing a new hybrid biscuit
biscuit churro
Credit: photo by Tabitha Tune

Karl Worley of Nashville's Biscuit Love bakes upwards of 1,200 biscuits a day from scratch. It’s safe to say that he knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to biscuit making. Worley is known for taking things a step further and experimenting, like with his bonuts (biscuit doughnuts). The latest creation to join his hybrid club are biscuit churros, a new, off-menu item he’s excited about for fall. They're exactly what they sound like: churros made with biscuit dough. “Regular churros are much crispier—and served with good hot chocolate,” Worley says. So he serves his with infamous chocolate gravy. Are you sold yet?

Using biscuit dough makes them a little fluffier than churros and, well, more biscuit-like. It also makes them widely acceptable as a breakfast starter. In my humble breakfast opinion, it’s wise to start off with something sweet at Biscuit Love before moving in for the kill: the East Nasty Princess, Worley’s take on a Nashville hot chicken sandwich, housed in a biscuit, obviously.

If the lines for the bonut are any indication, expect the biscuit churro to be a popular menu item. My most recent trip to Nashville prompted a stop at the new Hillsboro Village location, and I can honestly say the biscuit churros are everything they sound like and more. Biscuit. Churros. With chocolate gravy. What’s not to love? It’s crucial to eat them fresh out of the oven so the gravy melts perfectly, he told me as I proceeded to ask him way too many questions about biscuits.

“I love the confinements of sticking with biscuits,” Worley says. “I love coming up with new ways to use the biscuit dough. We tried them on the [food] truck a bit and I am constantly looking at menu items and ways to improve what we are doing.” Worley’s churro rendition came to life after a recent breakfast trends trip through the west coast—think 30 breakfasts over the course of six days—to brainstorm new dishes. “We ate our way through Portland and Seattle,” he says. "We ate at one place that had amazing hot chocolate. [My wife] and I started talking about our hot chocolate and ways of making it better. I have wanted to use the churros for a while now.”

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Credit: photo by Tabitha Tune

Worley sums up churro biscuits in one sentence: “deep fried biscuit goodness coated in cinnamon sugar—perfect for dunking in hot chocolate.” If we’re being honest here, churros serve as the perfect dunking vessel for hot chocolate and Worley is simply trying to step up the game with a biscuit tweak. It’s “sipping chocolate, churros and milk to make hot chocolate to your liking,” he adds. If you’ve ever witnessed Biscuit Love’s chocolate gravy, it’s safe to say that it’s super dunkable. In fact, I found myself dunking everything I could get my hands on that morning in a chocolate bath.

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Credit: photo by Tabitha Tune

A third Biscuit Love location in Franklin, Tennessee, is slated to open soon. Set in a house from the 1800s, it will serve the same menu items—biscuit churros and bonuts included. As for now, Worley is tweaking a few other dishes, working on revised jam, and “always trying to get better,” he says.