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Your winemom will love this stuff

Natalie B. Compton
November 16, 2018
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‘Tis the season to make your winemom happy with a gift that says, Hey Mom, I know you like to drink wine. Handing your mom her favorite bottle of wine as a present year after year can get old. To help you get creative, I’ve rounded up gifts that will uncork good cheer all around, whether she’s into buttery chardonnays or funky Sicilian natural reds.

Mazama Wares wine decanter, $165
Get that red breathing with this Mazama Wares wine decanter, a hand blown soda-lime glass that is functional and good-looking. It’s blown to be sturdy, so your winemom doesn’t have to freak out if dinner party guests start manhandling it.

Wine. All The Time., $11.45
Take notes from wine writer Marissa A. Ross in her celebrity-endorsed book, Wine. All the Time.: The Casual Guide to Confident Drinking. The book helps take the mystery out of the often-daunting world of vino, covering how it’s made, how to buy it, and how to taste it like a professional.

Lift Coasters, $69
Upgrade your winemom’s coaster game with these minimalist Lift Coasters. Not only are they James Bond cool, they’re going to keep that sweating Sauv Blanc glass from leaving a ring on the table. These industrial solid brass pieces come in a set of four.

Marble Wine Chiller, $47.96
This hand-carved Marble Wine Chiller keeps whites, oranges, and rosés cool without the hassle of an ice bucket. It’s also a clever way to hide an ugly wine label, or questionable wine choice, should your winemom go for a Barefoot Bubbly to uncork.

Cellar 503 Wine Club Membership, $45/month
Oregon is one of the best-loved wine regions of America, and the Cellar 503 Wine Club Membership offers subscribers a chance to discover hard-to-find Oregonian wines without stepping foot in the state. If your winemom is strictly a red drinker or white drinker, there are gift options to fit those preferences.

Holiday Color Wine Glass Writers Set of Two, $7.95
Winemoms tend to have other winemoms over for wine-drinking occasions. These pens come in handy when it’s time to host book club, bingo, or a Scandal viewing party, so that no one mixes glasses.

Riedel VINUM Glasses, $79.60
It doesn’t get more classic than Riedel when it comes to wine glasses, and these are the perfect entry-level glasses from the Austrian brand. Not only will they enhance what your winemom is drinking, they’re dishwasher safe, too.  

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