The Fizzics Waytap uses soundwaves to make "microfoam" bubbles

By Elizabeth King
Updated February 13, 2018
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Credit: photo by LeszekCzerwonka via Getty Images

Getting the perfect beer to drink at home can be a challenge. Canned and bottled beers don’t necessarily have the same pour and taste as the good craft brews available on tap at breweries, but there’s now a product out there that uses soundwaves to help you pour the perfect beer. The contraption is called the Fizzics Waytap, a device that runs on four double-A batteries and promises a pub-style, foamy pour for canned and bottled beers (even from a growler!) at home. Tech geeks might be especially interested in the way the tap uses soundwaves to create the foam.

Fans of the show Shark Tank might recognize Fizzics Waytap from an episode last year, when the inventors pitched the idea on the show. The product has also been featured on QVC. Using the tap seems pretty simple: You simply place the can or bottle of brew into the machine, feeding a tube into the open container. Pulling the tap forward pours the beer, and a quick reverse of the tap delivers the foam. No carbonation is added to create the foam, but rather the Waytap uses soundwaves to create “micro-foam” bubbles. And since it’s battery operated, the tap can be transported easily to parties where everyone might be bummed they’re stuck drinking their Bud from a plain old bottle.

How much will it set you back to have beer that looks like it was never in a can or bottle? Right about $172 if purchased online through Firebox. Considering that about all a person gets out of the tap is a foamy head and perhaps a bit more flavor, it’s hard to imagine how it could be worth close to 200 big ones, but hey, some people just really need foam!