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Coming to a bar neer you?

Elizabeth King
February 07, 2018

Sometimes all you really want on a hot summer’s evening is a cold, crisp, tap beer, but lines at bars for the summer can be ridiculously long, and it can take what feels like forever to your hands on a brew. But now one bar in Brooklyn is trying to make ordering beer more efficient by introducing a beer ATM that will allow thirsty folks over 21 to have beer in the time it takes to swipe a debit card. The beer ATM just debuted at Randolph Beer, where the plentiful selection of beer on tap will now be available with a simple swipe.

The process for ordering a beer from the beer ATM is easy and quick. According to Insider, customers will swipe their debit card at a machine where they can choose what type and size beer they want. Then, thirsty visitors are issued a beer card, which they can use at the beer tap to pull their own beer. With 24 beers ranging from a mango kolsch to a small family of IPAs, there are plenty of delicious brewskis to choose from.

Food ATMs have been cropping up recently as well. Last summer, Xavier University in Ohio debuted a pizza vending machine that operates on a similar concept to the beer ATM at Randolph Beer. Cosmo reports that pizza ATMs have been popular in Europe for some time, but are just now making their way to popularity in the US. Bring it on, we say! In January, a Boston McDonald’s had a Big Mac ATM for one day that dispensed free Big Macs. Now with beer in the edible ATM mix, the sky’s the limit.

Because not only are beers being served in a faster and more tech-savvy way, it’s also possible to buy champagne from vending machines. Basically there’s never been a better time to want alcohol and also be impatient. So no matter where you are or when you’re planning to grab beers next, be sure to have your plastic handy in case your neighborhood go-to decides to get a beer ATM of its own.

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