It's fun to play with meat

EC: Bacon Pancake Dippers Are the Perfect Handheld Breakfast
Credit: Photo by martinturzak via Getty Images

Undermining my desire for bacon and pancakes in the morning is the complete lack of will to wash the syrup-coated dishes. And while French toast dippers or waffle sticks may seem an obvious choice when searching for a hands-only breakfast, neither satisfies the whole bacon and pancakes craving. Allow me to introduce the bacon pancake dipper. Considering that bacon served alongside anything will improve the quality of the dish by roughly 300 perfent, imagine how good a dish becomes with bacon cooked inside it. Oh yes, in one bite of a bacon pancake dipper you get both salty bacon and fluffy pancake, and (better yet) eliminate the need for plates and flatware.

To start a batch of bacon and pancake dippers, prepare a standard recipe for 4 servings of pancake batter—whole wheat, gluten-free, Funfetti, from the box in the back of your pantry, any flavor will do—and set the mixture aside.

Fry a half pound of bacon in a nonstick pan, trying your best not to let the pieces stick together. Look for wide, thick-cut bacon, and feel free to try different types of meat (and not meat) bacon as well. Personally, I find these pancake dippers to be the most fun when each pancake has a different type of bacon inside, creating a sort of lower-stakes Russian roulette breakfast experience—someone gets speck, someone else gets seitan. It’s fun to play with meat.

When the bacon is cooked, pull it off the pan and place on a paper-towel-lined plate. Wipe any bacon grease from the pan and reheat. If you have a two-burger pancake grill or a flat top in your kitchen 1: You’re a hero and 2: Use them for this. Pour the prepared pancake batter into a clean ketchup or mustard bottle—or a squeeze bottle if you actually have one—and squirt pancake batter into a roughly bacon-sized strip. Press a slice of bacon into each pancake strip. Now would also be a great time to sprinkle in a few chocolate chips or blueberries, but no one’s going to make you; it’s your breakfast. When the pancakes start to bubble, flip and cook until golden brown and cooked through. Serve aside a bowl of maple syrup and a mindset that double-dipping is perfectly OK.