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The man ate a full pound of bacon faster than anyone else but left before his prize was issued

Tim Nelson
April 26, 2018

The plains west of the Mississippi are replete with legends of lonesome drifters who blow into town, perform some remarkable feat, and leave with hardly a word. While those tales would seem to be consigned to the past, a new mysterious figure has worked his way into Kansas’ culinary mythos, leaving the organizers of a Wichita bacon and beer festival scrambling to track him down.

As the Wichita Eagle tells it, the story begins at last year’s Air Capitol Bacon & Beer Festival. At the annual celebration of all things unhealthy and delicious, a young man known only as “Zack” was recruited from the crowd recruited to join the event’s bacon-eating contest. Despite his wiry frame and presumably unassuming demeanor, the mononymous muncher downed a full pound of fried pork faster than his competitors, entitling him to a trophy and eternal bragging rights.

The only problem is that this “Zack” rode off into the sunset before the event organizers could rightfully crown him Kansas’ bacon king. Organizers missed the chance to give him his trophy, get his last name, and take down his contact information.

Now, they’ve put out the call in the hopes of identifying this bacon champion of the midwest. So far a Facebook post hoping for information has yielded no results. But if “Zack” does make himself known, the folks behind Air Capitol Bacon & Beer Festival want him to know that there are two VIP tickets waiting for him “We've got to have him come back and defend his title," said festival organizer Shelby Sachs says.

Will Zack identify himself and eat another pound of bacon in record time? You’ll have to find out by attending the event yourself, which certainly offers more intrigue than the average bacon and beer bacchanal. For now, the mystery endures.

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