Yes, a summer camp for bacon
EC: Bacon Camp Is the Summer Camp of Your Dreams
Credit: Photo by Veselova Elena via Getty Images

Those among us who went to summer camp as kids likely have fond memories of mess hall food, hot dogs and beans heated over an open fire, and tons of s’mores. But now there’s a summer camp just for bacon. It’s called Camp Bacon (naturally), and attendees are served up heaps of crispy, smokey, bacon. Not only will there be loads of the food stuff to munch on, but film screenings, live music, interactive cooking classes, and a pig roast. Besides the bacon festivities themselves, the best part of all is that the annual camp is a fundraiser for two non-profit organizations.

Camp Bacon is an annual fundraising event hosted by Zingerman’s, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based online food shop. The store delivers everything from gelato to pork chops, but later this month when the camp kicks off, it’s all about the bacon. According to the Camp Bacon website, the camp focuses not only on eating bacon, but educating on how the pigs used for bacon are raised and fed, the history of bacon, and overall appreciating a classic breakfast food.

The camp kicks off in Ann Arbor on May 31 and runs through June 4. Each day has a different schedule packed with bacon-centric events, and costs vary per event, but the cash is going to a good cause (not to mention a stomach full of bacon), so attendees shouldn’t be shy to shell out for the big ticket events. For those who want to enjoy bacon on a budget, there will be two free events at Camp Bacon. Performances by musicians and poets as well as a bacon street fair are free and open to the public, all you have to do is show up hungry!

Proceeds of the camp will go to the Southern Foodways Alliance and the Washtenaw County 4H Club. The Alliance is an “offbeat” non-profit organization with the University of Mississippi that studies and celebrates the history and present-day makings of Southern food. With all the goodwill and bacon going around at the camp, there’s no way it won’t be a great time.