The Grimm/Mekelburg collaboration between is great if you want to drink your dessert

By Margaret Eby
Updated October 18, 2018
Credit: Grimm Ales

Combining your favorite foods can be great. You can have a Spaghetti-os Bloody Mary, or onion pie, or bourbon brownies. But it can also go horribly awry, like when my brother as a child once attempted to make garlic milk. And so it was with hope but wariness that I approached a new collaboration from Mekelburg's Fine Food and Craft Beer and Grimm Artisinal Ales, a beer that promised to incorporate all the delights of my favorite baked good. Yes, behold: a babka beer.

The Sumi Babka Beer comes attractively packaged in a black can with a pen-and-ink label. It clocks in at 12 percent alcohol, which is pretty aggressive. It's not exactly a session beer. The label says that the beer boasts notes of vanilla and caco, which makes sense, given the whole babka thing. It's a stout, and it's pretty dark. The taste of the beer is, well, pretty spot on too. It's a beer that's pretty sweet because its designed to taste like babka. I wouldnt want to drink a whole one, to be honest—sweet drinks are not my thing—but if you're someone who prefers sweeter drinks, and particularly ones that might be easily paired with a good pastry, than this is your guy. Babka and beer: better than garlic milk.