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Calm down, it's just an overpriced snack

Mike Pomranz
July 31, 2018

Put avocado toast up there with Caesar salads on the list of foods you know you’re overpaying for. Still, for $22, you’d expect something more than a glob of chunky avocado sitting in the corner of box next to a couple slices of bread. So when that’s exactly the meal that writer Taylor Lorenz received over the weekend, it’s easy to understand why she turned to Twitter to share her misfortune. 

“I Seamlessed a $22 avocado toast and this is what just arrived,” Lorenz tweeted on Sunday, along with the sad looking delivery. Sure, we’ve all ordered items that arrived with far from perfect presentation, but this avocado toast was about as sad as they come—especially at that price point.

However, on Twitter, one person’s disappointing meal can always turn into another person’s flashpoint—which is precisely what happened. As of this writing, the photo has received over 1,000 replies, many of which didn’t quite grasp—or at least chose not to acknowledge—that Lorenz understood that the situation “was a self own,” as she put it.

Expected responses included things like “Ultimate First World complaint,” jokes about how “This is why millennials can’t afford houses!!!!!!” and even unfortunate reactions like “Modern ‘women’ can’t even make this themselves.”

“I thought my friends would laugh too at the ridiculousness of it and maybe throw me a fave or two and move on,” Lorenz told the site The Wrap the day after all of this Twitter drama went down. “Of course, it spread faster than that though and within an hour I was receiving harassment on levels I haven’t gotten in months.”

As anyone who has ever been involved in a Twitter situation that spins out of control to attest to, sometimes out-of-control is exactly what it is, and you’re best to just leave well enough alone. But Lorenz decided to follow up her original tweet with some clarifications just for good measure, including things like, yes, she knows she was being lazy and, no, she doesn’t have any student loans she should be paying off instead.

But her most important clarification was tucked in towards the end. “The toast was supposed to come with a salad fwiw,” she explained. Whoa, whoa, whoa… That’s a big “for what it’s worth.” It means that your picture isn’t a photo of a $22 avocado toast; it’s a photo of a $22 missing salad! That’s like if you posted a photo of a tailpipe and wrote, “Ordered a $256,000 tailpipe and this is what arrived,” but then later tweeted, “the tailpipe was supposed to come with a Ferrari fwiw.”

Regardless, though she may not have received $22 worth of food, in the end, she certainly got more than she bargained for. Maybe that’s why the avocado toast was so pricy: You’re paying for the story.

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