This bite-sized treat recreates avocado toast in the form of a marshmallow

Avocado Toast Marshmallows
Credit: Courtesy XO Marshmallow

Is regulation-sized avocado toast too large and unwieldy for you? Do you long to feel some fleeting sense of connection to the rest of the world’s trendy eaters but worry that the avocado might be too healthy? Do you frequently wake up in a cold sweat due to recurring nightmares that you have too much money and might end up accidentally owning a home?

If so, then the latest culinary creation from XO Marshmallow should be exactly what your brunches have been missing. Known for creating an elevated take on everyone’s favorite campfire snack and cocoa companion from their “millennial pink marshmallow cafe,” XO’s latest creation checks all the boxes.

This is no mere avocado toast knockoff that merely appropriates the Instagrammable dish’s visual elements. Instead, XO’s mini avocado toast incorporates its actual ingredients in service of a unique tatste that melds savory and sweet. It features avocado (duh), chia seeds, pepper, and lemon juice, just like you’d find in your full-sized $10+ version. Melded with marshmallow, those ingredients sit above a buttery layer of lightly-toasted marshmallowy goodness.

Best of all, the whole thing is shrunk down to the point that it fits right in the palm of even the tiniest hands. And if what I understand about the popularity of puppies on social media compared to full-grown dogs holds true, a photo of this little guy’s gonna get you more likes than you’ll know what to do with.

So get ready to enjoy that digital endorphin rush paired with a side of deliciousness. XO Marshmallow’s avocado toast debuts (fittingly enough) on Easter Sunday, April 1st through their website. Ordering marshmallows from the internet has never been so on-trend.