Gives “green gold” a whole new meaning
EC: Avocado Shipment Used as Cover to Smuggle a Thousand Pounds of Weed
Credit: Photo by Brett Gundlock/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In the avocado growing region of Michoacán, Mexico, the stone fruit’s incredible value has led locals to refer call the commodity “green gold”. But a recent incident along the Texas-Mexico border suggests that some smugglers are using the pricy produce as cover for even more lucrative profits.

This past weekend, US Customs and Border Protection officers at the Pharr, Texas International Bridge claim to have seized 1,055 pounds of marijuana hidden away within a shipment of Mexican avocados. A 2005 freightliner tractor-trailer was singled out for secondary inspection, at which time CBP agents used a “non-intrusive imaging system” to identify and extract the 440 packages of pot destined for points within the US.

“Our officers' experience, combined with the use of available tools, continues to keep dangerous drugs from entering our country," said Acting Port Director Carlos Rodriguez. Say what you will about the “dangerous” part, but you have to respect the audacity it takes to hide weed amongst the only green product that’s been more popular in 2017.

While avocado toast can go for as much as $10 in some hip eateries, that’s nothing compared to the estimated $210,980 that the seized contraband is allegedly worth. The outcome of the case is ultimately still pending, but we can only hope that it inspires at least one dispensary with an idea for some new edibles.