Avocado drinks and even spa treatments are also available

Credit: manoa/Getty Images

These days, you probably need to take a vacation just to escape the onslaught of avocado dishes and internet stories (something I am very guilty of perpetuating). But if you feel the need to go in the other direction and run towards the avo insanity rather than away from it, then it’s time to book a flight to Puerto Vallarta.

That’s because Casa Velas is going all-in to woo guacamole loving millennials who have the money for fancy vacations but not real homes. Between now and the end of March, the adults-only Mexican beach town resort is celebrating the avocado everywhere from the restaurant to its spas, even making up new job titles for its employees along the way.

Guests can dine on specialty restaurant dishes ranging from waffles with avocado to avocado ceviche and an avo-infused chocolate mousse. To wash it down, the resort’s bar will feature appropriately themed drinks like “cold avocado cream and an avocado and piña colada martini.”

The resort’s fascination with everyone’s favorite fatty green fruit can’t simply be confined to the restaurant and bar, though. A resident “guacamologist” will be working poolside and at the resort’s private ocean club to proffer guests with a proprietary blend of avocado, salt, lime juice, cilantro, etc. This dubiously-credentialled expert will also lead guests through a guac-themed cooking class. Additionally, “avocado shaved ice will be offered in the pool area,” though it’s unclear if serving this refreshing treat falls under the purview of the guacamologist, or some amateur avocado enthusiast.

You don’t even have to eat avocado to get in on the action. That’s because there are plenty of spa treatments like “an exfoliation with avocado skin, avocado body wrap with natural yogurt, and an avocado moisturizing hair treatment” that will finally let you experience what it’s like to be avocado toast.

While its March avocado madness seems to have arrived on short notice, it’s not your only chance to OD on avo at Casa Vella this year. The resort plans to host what it’s calling the “Guacamania experience” in September to honor Mexico’s independence day. At the very least, these events should be a great opportunity to experience what it’s like to eat non-imported Mexican avocados at less obscene prices. That in and of itself is something worth celebrating.