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Kate Welsh
February 07, 2018

In honor of National Avocado Day, which is apparently a thing, the good people at the Huffington Post did some important research into exactly how popular avocado actually is. Of course, we smash avocado on toast; we use it as sandwich bread; we blend it into green smoothies; we deep fry it to make avocado fries. It is eaten at every meal, in every form imaginable. It has become both a deity and a joke. 

Even still, you'd imagine that, I don't know, the insane political turmoil of our time might overtake it in Google searches, yes? Well, nope. HuffPo proved that "avocado" is still a far more popular search term than Ivanka Trump, Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, and—shockingly considering Anthony Scaramucci's week—even the Mooch. 

But there are things that seem like they've been so popular for so long that avocado can't possibly win. But you'd be wrong.

Would you have guessed that avocado is more popular than....


ScreenGrab from Google Analytics

You get an avocado and you get an avocado and you get an avocado!


Screengrab from Google Analytics

Sriracha goes on everything, but avocados go on more. 

Hello Kitty?

ScreenGrab from Google Analytics

Even cute Japanese cartoon cats were no match for avocados. 

Ryan Reynolds?

ScreenGrab from Google Analytics

We assume that if "avocado" was a movie, it would have been even bigger than Deadpool.

Chia seeds?

Screengrab from Google Analytics

Yeah, chia seeds have nothing on avocado. 

Justin Trudeau?

ScreenGrab from Google Analytics

And even America's dream president (with a killer sock game) can't beat avocado. 

But avocado will never top the two breakfast foods to rule them all:


Screengrab from Google Analytics

Are we surprised?

And coffee.

Screengrab from Google Analytics

I repeat: are we really surprised? 

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